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Dragon Con Sing-Along 2013

I swear I just got back from Dragon Con. How did two weeks possibly pass since then? Welcome to my September. Since I did not get this up in time, you, dear reader, get something special. You get Nico’s “Dragon Con Sing-Along” Blog Post!

In hot Atlanta, Labor Day weekend,
More than 50,000 happy geeks descend
Some dressed in plain clothes, Game of Thrones, Thor,
Women with big guns, and Dealpools galore.
IMG_0608 (800x600)

My first stop was to hear John Hartness read,
Featuring The Big Bad Anthology.
Authors were invited to talk, like me,
Now I can say I was on a panel – Squee!

Laughter with friends and French Toast for dinner,
Men of UF – John, Tuck, and Jim Butcher!
Drinks with writer folks but brain was like ooze.
To the hotel with Jay and Margo. Snooze.
IMG_0589 (800x600)IMG_0588 (800x701)

Beer for breakfast in a “Here, smell my horn”
Pics of a bare-chested man-unicorn
Matrix Trinity riding the MARTA.
Strange Kansas, Dorothy, this is not Sparta.

IMG_0602 (800x758)

Dealer rooms crowded with sweaty sardines
Swords sold along side other shiny things
Walked Artist Alley’s gorgeous galleries
Cosplayers in their costume finery

IMG_0593 (362x800)IMG_0598 (474x800)

Benihana’s a delight
What a way to spend the night
Meeting people new to me
Seeing sights I’ve never seen.
Ah Dragon Con, I love thee.

My phone, it died searching for a signal.
My schedule and friends’ were digital.
No way of knowing the time or the place.
For hours I hoped for a familiar face.

IMG_0590 (800x600)

For lunch, there was a hot Dollhouse sandwich
Featuring Tahmoh Penikett
With a side of Eliza Dushku and Miracle Lane.

IMG_0606 (800x600)

(I know that part doesn’t rhyme,
the panel was a great time,
funny too but where was I…?)

Hotel to hotel, I walked for miles.
Like at my own Disney World, as a child.
Creativity swirled all around me.
Dragon Con’s a magical place to be.

IMG_0607 (600x800)

So long, farewell, my feet are achin’, goodbye.
As the geeks leave, the gray clouds had their cry.
Back to the real world mundane normalcy.
Where on the streets you no longer can see…

…Spider-Man’s Villains standing together (News at 11)
IMG_0610 (800x600)

…”They aim to drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes”.
IMG_0604 (600x800)

IMG_0601 (600x800)

…Jareth, the Goblin King, having issues with his smart phone.
Glad to know I wasn’t the only one.
IMG_0603 (600x800)

…Silent Bob, sitting surreally nearby.
IMG_0609 (667x800)

…and all of these people.
IMG_0605 (600x800)

IMG_0595 (600x800)

IMG_0591 (615x800)

IMG_0600 (579x800)

Meeting people new to me
Seeing sights I’ve never seen.
Ah Dragon Con, I love thee.

IMG_0594 (600x800)


Links to pics more excellent than mine.

My friend and fellow writer, Darin Kennedy, writes about Dragon Con here as well. This is his photo taken at the last stop of the road trip back to NC – also friend and fellow writer Matthew Saunders, Darin, and me.