The Lost Arts of Gentleman Conduct and Impulse Control

There’s a lot going on about bringing awareness to rape culture and sexual assault, which is honestly a great thing to do but it’s only the tip of a very dangerous iceberg that has already been lurking under the surface. We as a society just don’t know how to handle it yet. The dehumanizing of girls and women is reaching critical levels.

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I have a new love – An app of poetic fun. It’s like destiny. Welcome to Heyku. I’ve downloaded this app recently on my iPhone and have loved it. It’s like Instagram and Facebook for poetry. And I love the fact that there is just a small finite space to choose your words and make…

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The Horoscope

Avoid feeling trapped in confined spaces. Avoid the numbers 11, 15, 21, 28, 31. That’s creepy, he thinks. The horoscope usually tells him his lucky numbers, ones he then plays on the Power Ball lottery tickets, but never numbers to avoid. Why would he avoid those numbers? And how? Simon clicks off the daily horoscope…

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It’s been happening more and more recently. One source breaks out with a story and it spreads like wildfire to other news sources. Not because it has been confirmed as true and accurate but because those other news sites want those clicks too. Who cares if it turns out to be false? Who cares about integrity? Get the clicks!