Read Some Fiction


Fear The Ficus (988 words)
The ficus is plotting to kill me. I know this because when I wake up, the ficus stands next to my pillow.

Dead Girl’s Orchid (1,052 words)
Planting day. The pods were prepped for their seeding. The village coroner delivered them to the farmer.

Once Upon a Sunday (1,370 words)
“I’m here to kiss the frog,” she whispered to him.

Coffee To Go (734 words)
Normally he didn’t travel this far for coffee, but he liked her from the first moment he saw her. From the first moment he realized that she only had a week to live.

The Euchre Game (146 words)
The game of cards starts with laughter. Four women sit across from each other. Three generations. Two teams. One family.

(100-800 words)

The Horoscope (760 words)
Avoid feeling trapped in confined spaces. Avoid the numbers 11, 15, 21, 28, 31.

Thirty Seconds of Freedom (428 words)
Hello, my name is Kyra, and I have the power to turn back time. If you start singing that Cher song, I will definitely hurt you.

A Short Love Story (166 words)
It was love at first sight. The kind of rapturous joy when two come together. Head met Desk. Desk met Head. And there was much pounding.

A Cell Phone Memorial (628 words)
Hi, Sam….it’s Mom…. I’ve called your phone a hundred times.

The Reflections of My Reflection (360 words)
The only way I could get her attention was to change something. Change was rather difficult to do on my side but I was frustrated and desperate. She just wasn’t seeing me anymore.

Don’t Dream It’s Over (317 words)
Saturday is the slippery bastard who only shows up after Friday pulls a man in by his suspenders and sits him down with a whiskey.

(800+ words)

The Wrong Girl (869 words)
Okay, I admit it. I am in full panic mode right now. It’s not hard to do when the city’s worst villain, terrifying in his black costume and chrome, spiky things, paces in front of me. 

Chicken (1,001 words)
Twelve-year-old Jeremy stared at Lisa with an exasperated sigh. She was being silly again. Showing off her newfound abilities and making him jealous because he couldn’t do anything like that. Shape-shifting into animals was a really cool power to have.

Pancakes and Potions (903 words)
A strange tingling in her fingers made Chloe drop her fork. “Wait, where do you get the pancake mix from? I don’t remember there being any in the cupboard.”

Pop Princess Attacks Paparazzi (981 words)
She was not okay because she was running from freaking zombies!