On Writing

Eden Royce: Intimacy in Writing

I love this post by Eden Royce and have been thinking about it for a few days. It’s that time of year that is most dangerous for me – back to school time where stores are packed with fresh notebooks and pens. And I have to hold myself in check from “buying ALL the shiny things!”.

I still do this even though I have moved on to more technical ways to write down my story ideas and plot sketches. Lately it’s been trying out any kind of iPad / iPhone app available and seeing if that helps – does it have cross-device capabilities so I can access it from iPhone / iPad / computer? What if I am not in a wifi area? Does it sync with Dropbox? Does it have alarms and alerts to notify me of deadlines? I get so wrapped up with finding the right app or tool that I still stick my trusty notebook and pen in my purse with me wherever I go. Sure I can’t tag the pages for later searching but I do put the story name in the top right corner when leafing through quickly. And somehow, my ideas come out so much better when it’s me scribbling with a pen rather than wondering if I should use my stylus, virtual keyboard, or Bluetooth keyboard. Apps try to mimic the notebook and pen, and I have tried many of them, but when I need that intimacy? You still can’t get it any better than the real thing.