A Personal Glimpse

Agents of CW….er, SHIELD


For a TV show based upon a movie with a giant green Hulk, elaborate dressed gods, a star-spangled costumed superhero, and a bright red and gold robot man, not to mention – Samuel L. Jackson, this has to be the BLANDEST looking cast ever. Excluding the two characters, Coulson and Hill, coming from the Avengers movie and those who are veteran Whedon actors, the main characters are so uninspired, cookie-cutter Hollywood that the casting had to have been done by a computer program from the CW network.

For the good-looking supporting male character, Grant Ward, stick to the good ol’ visual formula.


For the supporting female characters…uh, can you tell the difference? They all kinda look the same. Does anything distinguish them? Any quirks? Any true visual clues and style?

ladies of shield

Here’s a test. One is an ace pilot & weapons expert. One is a badass hacker, new recruit to SHIELD, and obsessed with superheroes. One is an agent who specialized in human and alien life sciences. Can you guess who is who?

It was obvious watching the premiere of the show last night that The Powers That Be (aka Hollywood Executives) knew this was the Geek Super Bowl. The commercials were extra shiny and had more geek references to them. And yet for a TV show, they handed us the character of “Skye” – the supposed badass hacker, anarchist, geek woman out for the truth. (Did you pick her out correctly in the test above?)


The only thing Skye can infiltrate is the set of Pretty Little Liars (on ABC Family). Just look! Her hair and fashion sense are exactly the same!

pretty little liars

She is so Hollywood boring that it made me actually angry to watch her. Given that Joss Whedon is at the helm and geeks are the target, something a little more edgy would have fit the character they were going for.

Something like Angelina Jolie’s character in the 1995 movie, Hackers. That movie is almost 20 years old and her character still edgier than Skye.


From what friends and various articles around the internet are saying, this is “NCIS for geeks”. A police procedural with the fantastic twist of Marvel Universe. Even so, NCIS has more visual character style than this show. That’s the worst of it all. The Marvel Universe is full of such wonders and though this show is of the everyday man working in it, it’s not the everyday Hollywood cardboard man.


Perhaps it’s just fear of the last time we fell in love with such a wonderful “fuck you, Hollywood” Joss Whedon cast. One that conformed to no one and aimed to misbehave. One that only lasted one season and is still talked about to this day.

firefly cast