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Irons in the Fire – 8/17

First off, if you are in the Charlotte area and the rain has ruined your plans, come on out to The Last Word Bookstore! Six authors, including me, from The Big Bad Anthology are signing copies from 2pm-5pm. Strangeness and hilarity are bound to ensue, and it’s just an awesome time with this bunch gathered together. Go, Charlotte Writers!

Secondly, accountability. Just what the heck have I been up to lately with writing? The year 2013 has been speeding through like a sharknado on steroids and I am no where close to the goals I set for myself. So I am putting my project progress on here for accountability. Please feel free to administer virtual “swift kicks in the ass” where appropriate and encouragement via wine and chocolate in person.

These three are my current Irons in the Fire. I need to get them done within the next month for submission to various places. All are short stories.

1. Her Choice – 3200 word draft done, working on a re-write
2. The Mary Jane – still early on the first draft. Needs to be about 3000 words. (administer swift kick here)
3. Chester’s Got ‘Em – mid first draft. Should be 5000 words.

Looks like I have some work to do.
You know, playing around in my imagination and all. 🙂

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