A Personal Glimpse

A Decade of Dachshunds

so what exactly do you dofrodo
for a dachshund birthday party?
funny little hats?
piñatas and a bat?
or something else entirely?

first you start down on the floor
with blankets piled around,
add pillows and bones,
squeaky toys are thrown.
it’s a rompin’ rowdy wiener town!

play until the fun is spent
and Cricket gets all snuggly
curl up for bedtime
Frodo’s favorite time
my heart, my home, my lovelies

* * *

Today my dogs turn ten years old. Or seventy in dog years. I have seen them through back surgeries and bladder stones, emergency vet trips and sick nights. They have seen me go through tears and a divorce, a new job in a new state where I had no friends or family. Every day they make me laugh. I love Cricket and her inexhaustible curiosity in everything. I love Frodo and his heart of pure simple goodness. Where they are, there is my home.