On Writing

Writing by Candlelight

When the power goes out, all that is left is whatever battery power remains in the laptops, iPad, and iPhone. This is when the internet is no longer a major distraction. I remind myself that I shouldn’t surf on my phone because it will use the battery up faster and who knows how long my electricity will be out. So that’s what makes this the perfect time to write.

Since it’s the beginning of a new calendar year, it’s time to think about my goals for 2013 and what direction I want to take myself. Forward direction is always good. At the end of 2012, one of my short stories was accepted into an anthology. My one and only goal last year was to get something published. And I squeaked it in! *happy dance* Go me!

This year I want to build on that. I want to be sure to submit at least 7 short stories for publication (paid, “For the Love”, print or epub, whatever). Just get 7 short stories out there. Not sure why 7 but that sounds like a good number.

Also this year, I want to finish the first draft on a novel. At this point it can be something I haven’t started or one that I have halfway done. I am struggling to pin down exactly which one I want to focus on. Gee, must be nice to have so many novel idea in my brain? Not really. I need to brush all others aside and concentrate on one. ONE. ONE!!!

I’ve spent a lot of time trying to learn the business side of writing that I forget I need to work on the most important part – the “putting words on the page and making them GOOD” part. I am still going to try to post Sunday Short Fiction but might move it to be every other Sunday. Depends on how good of a schedule I can keep. I like posting free flash fiction. It’s just pure fun for me and that is how I like to write.

Now it’s time I take myself offline for the night and write something other than a blog post. If my batteries die, then I still have the good old-fashion way – notebook and pen. I just don’t have any coffee.

I can’t think on that. Must not think on that…