A Personal Glimpse

Creative Coffee Crawl – First Stop

This week I am on vacation. Except that I am not going anywhere so I decided to take this time and explore some coffeehouses and cafes in the Charlotte area. Only rules are that I go to a different one each day, no chains – just local flavor, and get some words down. Oh and photos for proof. Gotta keep me honest, right?

Today’s stop is at the Dilworth Coffeehouse in Matthews. When I first moved to Matthews, I promised myself that this would be my “home away from home” since it was so close to my apartment. Truthfully? This is the first time I have stepped into the place. Which is sad really but their hours are more for those that don’t work 8-5 Monday through Friday. As for the coffee? Can’t tell. Completely scalded every single taste bud on my tongue at my first sip. Damn, and Thanksgiving is in a few days too!

Okay, goal today is to work on a short story. Again. Need to cut a scene and expand another one while keeping the word count exactly the same.

Impression of the place so far? Music too loud. The lady at the table next to me has to talk on her cell phone even louder and she has LOTS of calls to make. Not even my ear buds can drown out all that noise.

Random moment here: A young guy came in and asked for sparkling water. He was told they didn’t have sparkling water but they had regular water. Did he want a bottle of regular water? He said no and walked out. The guy behind the counter and I exchanged WTF glances.

My view. Look a train! 🙂