Short Fiction

The Euchre Game

The game of cards starts with laughter. Four women sit across from each other. Three generations. Two teams. One family.

Tuesday night, a quiet evening finishing a hectic day. The wine has been poured. The youngest deals first. They pause in silence as they glance at their cards. Then the conversation continues.

“How is your husband?”

“How is your son?”

“Hey, guess who I saw the other day?”

The round plays out with casual ease. One team scores and a new turn begins. The cards flash across the table. Each woman pauses again to take in the hand dealt.

“Did you hear I may need surgery?”

“I am not sure what to do now that he lost his job.”

The ladies play the hands dealt to them. The wine glasses slowly empty. The night ends with no winners, no losers. Only hugs and kisses are exchanged.