Short Fiction

A Short Love Story

It was love at first sight. The kind of rapturous joy when two come together. Head met Desk. Desk met Head. And there was much pounding.

It felt good. A release of emotion so intense that they were always coming together. But it wasn’t all cocktail weenies and swedish meatballs. As the affair continued, Head began to feel a pain inside that Desk did not.

“I cannot meet with you anymore!” Head cried out. Desk in all its rigidity stood still and silent. Head, feeling hurt and betrayed, left Desk.

It was a difficult time. Sad and dejected, Head found solace in the seductive arms of Pillow. Their love was amazing. Where Desk was hard and unforgiving, Pillow was soft and enfolding. Supportive. Head decided to spend the rest of its days with Pillow.

Head vowed to never part with Pillow. Ever. Even when the evil Alarm Clock screamed at them to part, Head overcame evil Alarm Clock and spent the rest of forever with Pillow.