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The Dreambox – Part Two

Nico's DreamboxLife takes a lesson from writing. Writers say that blocks can come from forcing the plot or characters to go where they are not supposed to. They write the story in the wrong direction or into a corner with nowhere to go. It’s one of the most frustrating parts of the process. But what does that have to do with real life?

I think I have been forcing a dream that is not supposed to be. I put a tiny representation of it in my dreambox and since I believe this dreambox has actual magic powers (it really does), the repercussions of trying to make this dream reality is giving me Life Block.I had all the symptoms. Frustration. Depression. Like no matter what I did, nothing was right. Because I was believing in the wrong dream. I was focusing my energy in the wrong direction. For months I was this way and now I have to understand that I was mistaken. Like a writer, those words need to be scrapped. The plot and character have to go in a new direction.

The light bulb moment has come and it is time to make it right.

Now that I know this about myself, I emptied my dreambox, which is only the size of a golf ball, and I carefully selected one thing that represents my new dream. Hopes and desires change as you go through life. Mine are achievable ones so as I reach one dream, I find a new one. And sometimes, I have to admit when I make a mistake. I can’t force something (or someone) to be right when they are not. And no matter how much magic is in that dreambox, it can’t make it be right either.

I feel so free now that I have let the old dream go. Like smoke rising from an extinguished flame. A phoenix. Because every new beginning is just some other beginning’s end.

The Dreambox – Part One

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