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I Signed a Book and I Liked It

Yesterday I attended my first book signing as one of the signing authors. Eight of us from the Big Bad Anthology converged at Barnes and Noble in Columbia, SC in a display of total awesome. Two hours of signing and shenanigans, so many laughs, and I got to find out that signings are very exhausting.

Some little things think of when signing:
1. If you write under a name that isn’t your everyday one, you have to practice what your signature will look like.

2. What do you write? Something witty? Funny? Nice? I tried to go with something witty/funny and hoped it didn’t sound stupid.

3. What sort of image do you want to cultivate? I’m too new in the game but it’s something that other authors become well-known for when they go to signings. Wear a certain type of shirt – black turtle neck and jeans, or black t-shirt and chains, or goth gear.

4. Stuff the goodies in the book. With eight authors signing the same book, it can get pretty full with business cards, promos, and DNA samples (yes, that happened).

This is just the first taste of what it is to be on the other side of the table. Not even to mention setting up the time, inventory, promotion, and lots of other stuff. The other writers in this anthology are all more seasoned in this sort of thing but they make it so awesome. It’s a whole new experience, a whole new adventure for me.

I get to do it again in a few weeks when we do a signing here in Charlotte, NC. Practice makes perfect, you know.

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