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Stress and the Real World

Forgive me, Internet, for I have sinned. It has been over a month since my last post.

For a blog mainly about writing, wackiness, and creativity, you can surely tell when all that dries up due to Real World Stress. More specifically, job related stress. I’ve learned a lot about the effects of stress on the mind and body over last five years. It’s frustrating as hell when the doctors attribute everything to stress but when you consider the physical changes your body goes through when you think a single angry thought, then just imagine what stress does. And stress is one of those deals that most people try to keep buried under, keep a cool exterior while trying to keep it all together. Remember what your body did when you had a single angry thought? Stress is hell on the body and the mind. It will affect me acutely if I am not careful.

The first thing to go is the ability to write and tell stories. Five years ago when I was really sick, the biggest scare I had was when I thought I would forever lose the ability to write. Forever. Not even like writer’s block. Just not being able at all to tell a story. Kinda like knowing how the “other half” live (those non-writer people) sort of thing and it scared the shit out of me. Thankfully once everything got under control (and it took a year or so), I found I could write again.

*Whew, sigh of relief*

During these dry spells, whether short and shallow or long and hellish, I have to be sure to keep being creative in other ways. Painting works. Crayons are fun. Reading can help at times  but sometimes I find it hard to get in to anything. I have to switch to audiobooks so I can better retain what is going on.

Right now I am going through a dry spell. I can’t seem to string any words together except to form therapeutic journal entries and blog posts (same thing, right?). I expect this to last through May but come the summer, I hope my imagination comes back to me because I want to have lots of summer fun with it. Until then, it’s pretty colors on paper and the words will have to wait.

1 thought on “Stress and the Real World”

  1. You are forgiven, my child. Something, something….hail maries…something, amen.

    blocks suck, but it happens. Think of it as a chance to get away from the keyboard to go experience life rather than something debilitating. I get the same way, stress, feeling overwhelmed, and fatigue are my writing time killers. Considering that my writing gets better and easier after the breaks I try not to add more stress to the pile and just wait it out.

    Here’s to hoping you don’t have to wait long. If you need a wine (or whine) break in the mean time, shout.


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