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The Kitchening: Delicious Mistakes

An excellent post by friend and fellow writer, Eden Royce.

Eden Royce

One of the things I find difficult about writing is making progress.  I know that sounds strange because I’ve obviously finished projects.  Most of them are on my website at: edenroyce.com

However, I make progress in fits and starts.  I tend to go back to correct the mistakes I make as I’m writing instead of writing forward and worrying about mistakes later.

Several people in my writing group have expressed the same concern. Slow progress because of writing while editing. As assistant organizer of a local writer’s group, I discourage this practice, but I admit to engaging in it. Too often.

I attribute it to detesting seeing my mistakes. Being face-to-face with them. It’s like a white glove to the face and I have to answer the challenge immediately by destroying all evidence of the error. So I edit while I write. And make slow progress.

Recently, I’ve discovered being in…

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