A Personal Glimpse

Creative Coffee Crawl – Third Stop

Back again in Charlotte’s NoDa (short for North Davidson St) area. My first coffeehouse pick was closed for the long holiday weekend. That’s the beauty of privately owned places, they can close whenever they want to and you can’t do a thing about it. So now, I am sitting at Smelly Cat Coffee.

The name kinda speaks for itself, though I do realize that some teenagers will have no idea of the reference and that just makes me feel old.

The one thing this place boasts, besides a summer time perpetual party of pugs on the sidewalk, is alcohol. For when you need to loosen up a bit in your writing. Today I am just partaking in the coffee and hoping to get some more short story work done.

Oh, an explanation of the term “cat vacuuming” that I often use. Cat vacuuming is when you make sure you have everything done before writing. Including vacuuming the cat because “it needs to be done”. It’s just a nifty term for procrastinating. Which is what writing this post is.

“Cat vacuuming” at “Smelly Cat Coffee”.