A Personal Glimpse

Beauty and the Beauty

In the world of the CW network, everyone is gorgeous. All the men have stunning six-pack abs and chiseled features, and the women are thin with perfect hair. So when I heard they were remaking the Beauty and the Beast (basing it loosely on the 1980’s series), I took notice. Would the CW finally allow someone truly ugly to grace their screen??

I vaguely remember that first series because it was my mother’s favorite and it was during one of those episodes that I had hurried too fast during a commercial break, tripped, and broke my elbow. That memory kinda sticks out for me.

Anyway, I watched the new premiere and was very disappointed. At a time when vampires and werewolves are a staple of entertainment, having a gorgeous guy clench his jaw and bare his teeth in a snarl is not my idea of a beast. The only remote connection to the original series is that they left the first names the same – Vincent and Catherine. Other than that, you will not see a deformed lion-esque face that would make anyone stop and recoil at first. And the series flops because of it. Damn it, give me an ugly beast and make me love him! Anything less is pure laziness.

In the 1980’s series, Catherine was beautiful but shallow. The Beast, Vincent, was ugly but soft-spoken, cultured, and read poetry. A great example that portrays differences between inner and outer beauty. In the CW version, Catherine is just like every other plucky city detective, beautiful and driven with a heart of gold. Awww, ain’t she perfect? Bleh.

Other reviews call the Beast more like a Hulk. “Don’t make him angry” sort of thing. Apparently a network that prides itself on physical perfection cannot get it into their head of a Beast. Ooo, his personality is beastly? Really? You’re going with that? Then, dear show writers, you missed the whole point completely. A beastly personality? Yeah, most people call that “their ex”.

On the other hand, Arrow (also by the CW) rocks hard-core. A “hero” that kills? Not quite to Dexter standards but a far cry from the ethics of Batman. Of course, they are all gorgeous on that show too. Seriously, it’s hard to tell the long-haired brunette actresses from each other. If you don’t watch close enough, you would think our gallant hero wanted to kiss on his sister.